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Babassu Oil – Your Way to a Full Head of Hair!

We’ve all heard about the many benefits of using castor oil on your hair, or coconut oil. Both incredibly useful in our journey towards a thicker, luscious head of hair, they’ve been receiving more and more recognition from beauty bloggers lately, which is much deserved.

But there is still one ingredient that remains virtually unknown in the hair-care industry, and that is Babassu Oil.

Babassu Oil is made, of course, from the seeds of the babassu palm, in South America. In countries such as Brazil, it’s long been acknowledged as a powerful anti-oxidant, being used to treat minor ailments and wounds.

And it is precisely this same anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory property that makes it such a powerful tool in helping hair grow. A full head of hair comes, first and foremost, from the inner health of the hair strand. You need to nurture, moisturize and keep bacteria, dandruff and free radicals away.

Much like coconut oil, Babassu Oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, chiefly lauric and myristic acid. These are deeply moisturizing to the hair follicles and also act as anti-inflammatory agents that boost the overall tonus of the hair.

Even better, lauric acid has been known to effectively keep away and destroy cancerous cells, which makes it a must in your hair-care (and skincare) routine.

Babassu Oil, though in many ways similar to coconut oil, has one notable difference, in which it is (in our opinion) superior. While coconut oil is hydrating, but greasy, sometimes leaving an unpleasant residue on clothes, skin and hair, Babassu Oil retains all the moisturizing pro

perties, but ditches the grease, which makes it much easier and much more pleasant to use on your hair.

High in vitamin E, Babassu Oil is great for massaging and improving the blood flow of the scalp, which in turn, promotes a healthy and more rapid hair growth.

Aside from Babassu Oil, other nurturing ingredients of Hair Growth Oil -- Mega Growth Oil with Babassu Oil include Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter, all really good for stimulating and protecting the hair follicle from the inside out (so that the hair doesn’t break or get split ends).

The question on everyone’s mind – does it work?

Naturally, everyone is different, and so, might respond differently to treatment. But this Hair Growth Oil is a natural and healthy method that employs active ingredients proven to moisturize and promote the health of the skin and the hair strand. It’s easy to use (not to mention fun, because you get a bit of a massage as you work it into the skin of the scalp) and even more importantly, you are not exposing yourself to any unhealthy chemicals that pretend to ‘help’ your health, but end up doing more harm than good.

By regularly exposing your scalp to these nurturing fatty acids and stimulating the blood flow, you’re basically telling it to get moving and grow that hair faster. And isn’t that what we all want here?

Bonus – As news hair grows, it comes into the world surrounded and already infused with that Babassu Oil and all those other amazing ingredients, which effectively protects it from the inside out, making it stronger from the outset and less prone to breakage or falling.

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