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Our 5 Easy Steps for Growing Your Hair Long and healthy! We think you'll love these

Confession time – we are absolutely crazy about hair growth tips. Seriously, we can get lost for hours reading hair care articles, tips and tricks, as well as trying on special (organic) blends and monitoring the more or less great effects they have on our hair.

And after years of researching and experimenting with hair growth, after dozens of trial and error and mixing together different blends, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to growing beautiful, long hair.

1. Stay away from harsh chemicals!

Seriously, we cannot stress this enough, mainly because it’s one of the easiest steps to overlook.


Because big, trusty hair brands and because, who has time to study the ingredient list of their shampoo?

Well, if you want to grow long, healthy hair, you better start making time. Most commercial shampoos and hair products are choc-full of dangerous, drying chemicals that make your hair fragile and easily breakable.

For optimal hair growth, look for a shampoo that won’t eat away at your hair’s natural oils.

Bonus Tip: Speaking of shampoo, try not to wash your hair daily, because the excessive water exposure dries out your hair, ironically, and makes it more breaky.

2. Trim. Trim. Trim.

I used to hate going to get my hair trimmed, because I was fighting so hard to grow my hair in the first place – it seemed unfair to have precious inches loped away. But regular trims are actually- pretty great, because they get rid of split ends.

Split ends are your hair’s number one enemy when it comes to growth, because they split (duh!) your hair apart and lead to even more breakage. So, not trimming can actually lead to shorter hair than if you did trim.

3. Stay away from heat.

Be it excessive sun exposure at the beach, or using a curling iron each morning, even blow-drying your hair each time you wash it, heat is had for the hair strand. It damages your hair, makes it exceedingly breakable and frizzy, once again preventing you from growing out that long, luscious mane you’ve been dreaming about.

If it’s absolutely necessary to use heat on your hair, make sure you apply heat protection before hand.

4. Colder is actually better

For optimal growth, it’s recommended that after each hair wash, you run cold water (as cold as you can stand) over your hair for thirty seconds. This helps the cuticles of the hair close up and makes them less likely to absorb dirt, meaning they stay healthy longer.

Bonus Tip: Consider using a leave-in conditioner after you’re done. This is an excellent way to ensure that your hair is properly moisturized, without it needing the rinse that regular conditioner requires. Our Soft & Silky Leave-In Conditioner helps keep your hair free of tangles and strengthens the natural protective barrier. For long hair, it’s vital that you keep hair protected, as well as properly moisturizer.

5. Give yourself a massage

Specifically, your scalp. You see, blood circulation affects the hair follicles inside your scalp. Better flow automatically means better growth. It is important to frequently give your scalp skin gentle, circular massages to improve flow and it’s extra beneficial that you use an oil when doing this.

Our MegaGrowth Oil employs various natural oils to hydrate the hair follicles, and thus ensure that the hair that comes out is stronger, more hydrated, and thus, less prone to breakage. This also makes your existing hair softer and healthier, so it’s a double-win. And did we mention how incredibly relaxing the whole thing is?

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