Avoid breaking and damaging your hair with our Soft N Silky Detangling Cream. It penetrates the hair shaft upon contact with our unique combination of natural oils, smoothing the cuticle, removing tangles and making it softer and easier to comb through. Excellent for all hair types, and ideal when you wish to wrap your hair, do a roller set, create a strand twist, air dry, put in braid sets or simply when you wish to refresh and revitalize your coils. July apply a dollop to clean wet hair and style as desired. 

Detangler Soft N Silky Leave in Conditioner

  • Apply leave-in cream to clean wet hair and style as desired.

  • Water, Aloe Vera, btms, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Panthenol, Silk,  luxeglide, Slippery Elm, Blue, Malva, germall, Fragrance.