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Established in 2011, NatruelleGrow is a healthy hair product line created for women who want to grow long, healthy hair. Our products are specially formulated with all the BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS to help stimulate and promote healthy hair growth and hair retention.

It’s all about growing long, healthy hair – and anyone can do it.

Our Motto and Philosophy: We Believe and teach that ALL hair is beautiful. We also believe that EVERYONE, regardless of race, creed or family background can grow it. We pride ourselves in the fact that we deliver products that are derived from nature and actually work.


The Beginning:


Founder Renee Dawes, who, like many people, was fooled into believing that long, healthy hair was limited to genetics. “I had always dreamed of having long, healthy hair,” says Dawes. “For years I struggled to grow my hair beyond my neck, but to no avail.”


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After years of relaxers, thinning and breakage, Dawes stumbled into becoming a natural after keeping sew in weaves beyond the timing of her touch up appointments. As a natural, Dawes recognized a better growth pattern, but she needed the right products to continue her growth stimulation and retention.


In her continued search for long hair, Dawes tried every hair growth “potion” on the market. It is no secret that many naturals are product junkies but she even went as far as buying an electric machine to electrify her scalp into growing hair!


Dawes soon discovered which all-natural ingredients were most beneficial for growth and was able to combine these ingredients using the most effective methods and process. “I learned to properly care for my hair and Voila!!! My hair began to flourish,” says Dawes.


As a seven-year natural with hair at waist when fully lengthened, Dawes’ remarkable success in her hair growth and retention journey sparked interest in family members who desired similar results. After they used the products and received the same effects of phenomenal hair growth, the demand for her products skyrocketed.


This premise inspired the creation of the NaturelleGrow hair growth product company.


About our Products & Services

NaturelleGrow’s Unique Approach to Hair Growth:

Quality Products + Proper Education = Healthy, Long Hair


We value our customers and deeply care about the health of your hair. That is why our products are engineered to deliver results. Each product is handcrafted and infused with the best natural, earthly grown ingredients to stimulate hair follicles producing faster hair growth while also thickening and moisturizing the hair to stop and prevent breakage.

We realize that it takes more than just a top quality hair growth product to produce long lasting results. That is why we also offer an array of educational literature, workshops and sponsor events aimed at improving knowledge of how our products can assist in designing a healthy hair care system just for you.

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