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Can I regrow my edges? Absolutely. Follow these 10 tips to regrow your edges.

1] Lay Off The Ponytails – Ponytails create tension on your edges because the hair being pulled into an upward direction. You should reduce the number of ponytails that you are wearing or do looser ponytails to reduce the tension. 2] No Excessive Brushing – Brushing your edges hard every day will cause you to lose them. Therefore, reduce the number of times you have to brush your hair every week. As well as, swap up your brush for a soft bristle brush to reduce the effects. 3] Use A Healthy hair Gel – Gels allow our edges to slay and to be sleeked down. However, there are drying alcohols in commercial gels that are contributing to our lack of edges. And as such, we should be using gels with nourishing benefits for our hair follicles and scalp. 4] Longer Isn’t Always Better – The longer the protective style is or the longer you wear isn’t all the best option. Having waist- length hair looks great but it isn’t straining your edges especially if done tightly (we will discuss in key #6). Also, you should not be keeping your extension in for longer than 3 months because your hair needs a break. 5] Let The Hair Be Free – Our hair needs a break from constant manipulation as well as being covered for an extended period. Let the hair out and let the fro be free. 6] Ask Your Stylist To Loosen Up – Doing tight styles such as braids do pull on the hair follicles especially near the edges. So you need to ask your stylist to not be done tightly while looking seamlessly (And yes ladies it can be done!). 7] Use Quality Extensions –Whenever you are doing braids or wigs ensure to use hair that is of great quality. Poor quality extensions can contribute to an allergic reaction on your scalp which will contribute to hair loss. 8] Sleep With A Satin Cap – Satin caps allow the moisture that we worked so hard to apply to our tresses to be retained in our hair strands. And as such, it will keep the edges moisturized for a long time. 9] Use A Hair Growth Oil – You can use Naturelle Grow Oil which will promote and encourage your hair to grow, especially your scalp. It contains babassu oil, grape seed oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, Sulphur, hydrogenated palm and palm kernel glycerides. The ingredients will deeply penetrate the hair follicles to repair and provide the minerals it needs to grow and be healthy. 10] Massage Your Scalp –. Once you apply the oil ensure to massage your scalp daily. This encourages blood to flow the hair follicles to provide it with the nourishment that your edges needed for it to grow.

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