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Strategies to effectively retain length

It’s super easy to become discouraged throughout your hair growth journey as you watch others maintain health and retain length. You may even wonder “Is that possible for my hair texture?” The beauty is in focusing on the health of your hair type, and the strategies required to accomplish this reality, length will happen naturally. Achieving steady hair growth is a sure accomplishment. As you nourish and maintain your natural hair, here are some strategies to effectively retain your length.

Incorporate Satin Bonnets/Pillowcases

The truth is cotton pillowcases will limit your hair moisture maintenance as you sleep. Satin bonnets, scarfs or pillowcases guarantees comfort and protection throughout the night.

Trim not cut

In trimming your hair periodically or where split ends are visible helps your hair to grow and be healthy.

Protective Style

The less manipulation the better. Protective styles allow your hair to get rest thus promoting growth and length retention. It is still important to care for your hair while maintaining a protective hairstyle.

Scalp treatment

Massage your scalp during shampoo/cleansing sessions to remove the buildup and stimulate hair growth.

Hair Moisture Regiment

Include the LOC or LCO methods daily to encourage hair length retention. Hot oil treatments and pre-poo strategies truly help the hair to thrive. Use only sulphate-free gentle shampoos.

Protein/Moisture balance

It is critical to strike this balance. This will lead to less breakage. Learn the signs and pay attention to what dull, weak and lifeless (moisture overload) means as opposed to brittle, stiff, popping and snapping (protein overload) hair strands.

Clarifying shampoos/Clay

Remove extensive build ups that inevitably happens overtime. This helps to remove the possibility of hair being unable to absorb moisture which will ultimately lead to breakage.

Shampoo hair in sections

This is not often practiced but can truly limit hair tangles and knots that ultimately affects the possibility of natural hair retaining length. Washing in sections helps with detangling and avoiding breakage.

Drink water

Internal hydration is just as important as external. Your hair will thank you for it!

T-Shirt hair drying

Minimize excessive friction that causes hair breakage by using a t-shirt instead of a towel.

Remember to also practice:

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Detangle with a wide tooth comb or fingers on wet/damp hair

  • Limit or dismiss the heat

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