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Tips to stop Hair Breakage

In order to stop it, you need to be familiar with what hair breakage is. Hair breakage and shedding may seem like one and the same, but they are different. Shedding is a natural part of your hair cycle. On average, you lose about 50-100 strands of hair a day. If you’re noticing rapid thinning or a consistent loss of any more than 100 hairs a day, there’s cause for concern.

Breakage, on the other hand, happens when the actual strand shreds. Most times, you won’t notice full hairs on the ground but instead little pieces of hairs. When individual sheets of hair fibers split from the rest of the pile, it’s breakage. It can break off from the tips when your ends are split and need to be trimmed or it can rip halfway up the strand or even close to the root.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

One of the main causes of breakage is how you style your hair. Things like aggressive brushing and combing, sleeping on wet hair or rough fabrics that create friction, constantly pulling your strands into styles that are too tight, and heat styling are all some of the main reasons why hair breaks.

Hairs around the edge of the hairline are also more fragile than hairs on other areas of the scalp, making your edges more vulnerable to breaking off if not properly cared for. Habits like tugging too much while styling, overly tight hairstyles, and drying product ingredients like alcohols can also weaken hair around the edge of your face.

How to Tell If You Have Broken Hair

It's very easy to tell if your hair in shedding or breaking off. Hair that has shed is coming straight from the follicle, so it’s going to be a full strand with a white bulb on the end. Broken hairs, on the other hand, are usually fragments and little pieces of hairs that you can spot in your sink or floor when you brush or comb through. Broken hair also looks really dull and dry.

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

Ready to keep hair breakage at a minimum? Follow these tips.

1. Keep your hair moisturized. One of the main reasons your hair is breaking off could be that you aren’t applying enough moisture to your hair. It’s especially important to listen to this rule if your hair is curly because it’s prone to becoming brittle and breaking off.

2. Target split ends early on. Use a daily leave-in conditioner. Be sure to use a nourishing leave-in conditioner that helps smooth and seal split ends right after you detangle and as a curl refresher in between washes.

3. Braid your hair up before shampooing. When wash day comes around, try putting your hair into plaits and then shampooing to cut down on tangles, which can also lead to breakage.

4. Go easy on the heat. Blow-drying and flat ironing on a regular takes a major toll on your hair. Try to rely on heat-free tools like flexi rods or hair rollers whenever possible. If you absolutely must use heat, be sure to apply a heat protectant and then use tools on a low heat setting.

5. Use a pre-wash moisturizer. Give your hair an extra shot of moisture on wash day by saturating strands with a conditioner and letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes before washing with shampoo.

6. Shampoo correctly. Where you use your shampoo is important. When you need it, shampoo should only be applied to the scalp and not to the hair shafts. While you may have excess product buildup on your strands, the majority of it will be on your scalp. The residual cleanser that ends up on your strands as you wash is sufficient to break down any dirt and product residue on the rest of your hair.

One of our most popular products, the Break No More Hair Spray is excellent if you’re dealing with dry or brittle hair and are always picking hairs off your clothes. You can say goodbye to all that with our Strengthening Spray and, best of all, it’s remarkably easy to use!

No need to wait around like for a mask or conditioner (though we highly recommend using those as well!), with the Leave-In Break No More Conditioner, you simply spray it over clean hair and already, your hair begins to absorb moisture and all those healthy nutrients.

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